USS Midway CV-41
San Diego, California
October, 2004

Photography by Robert Graf

On October 1, 2004 we visited the USS Midway, CV-41, which is now an aircraft carrier museum on the waterfront in San Diego. My father was aboard the USS Midway several times in the 1950's as it cruised in the Mediterranean Sea. What a delight to be able to call him from the flight deck to tell him about his ship that his wife and children had never seen during his career in the Navy!



The ship now sits at the foot of Broadway with the bow pointing toward the North Island Naval Air Station and frequent mooring spot of newer aircraft carriers.


The hangar deck.

The berths and lockers for enlisted personnel.



A model of the original ship with mounted guns and a straight deck. Today there are no guns.


The aircraft guidance system "meatball". In the early days the guidance was done with men and flags.


A view of the bridge.


The catapult was in the steel strip. A plane was accelerated to over 130 knots in only  few seconds.


In the distance across San Diego Harbor are the USS Ronald Reagan (the newest super aircraft  carrrier) and the USS Nimitz. Both are considerably larger than the USS Midway.


The flight deck as viewed from the bridge.



A view of the arresting gear. The cable is about 1.5 inches in diameter (shown below) and stops the plane very quickly.



Views of the galley and mess hall where the food for 4500 men was prepared and served.



The post office.



Metal and machine shops.

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